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Contagion (2011)


Nothing spreads like fear 2011/9/8 106 min.


Contagion is a blockbuster science fiction thriller film released in 2020. It tells the story of an alien virus that rapidly spreads throughout the human population. The virus has killed off the immune system of people thus leading to rapid aging, degenerative diseases and other physical conditions. The virus is created by a company, and as the head of that company, Evan (Joseph Fiennes) is desperately seeking to find a cure for his sickly wife, Martha (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Evan is not the only one who is worried about a major global pandemic as an ever increasing number of infected people continues to emerge. The most important threat however is coming from the American military. They are also searching for a vaccine, as they fear that the outbreak may have been made possible by a secret military operation.

Contagion is actually a sequel to the first two sequels of the virus-producing virus known as V-germ. The following movies of the series include Contagion and The Invisible War. Contagion was directed by Gavin Hood, who is best known for his work on the TV series "The X-Files".

In Contagion, the film's plot mainly revolves around Evan and his attempts to find a cure for his wife who has been suffering from cancer and he soon realizes that the answer may lie in finding a vaccine. Another important part of the plot is whether he and Martha can be separated and whether or not she will ever succumb to the effects of the V-germ virus. However, another threat also arises as his bodyguard begins to exhibit symptoms of the virus and thus Evan becomes an increasingly important character in the plot of the film.

The young cast in Contagion is led by Jessica Chastain as a woman named Martha who is eventually revealed to be the key to finding a cure for Evan's wife. There are several other characters in the film aswell including Ellen Burstyn as her mother and Matthew Goode as Evan's son who is married and has a child.

This particular directorial effort of Gavin Hood also features some excellent computer generated imagery scenes that give the movie a unique look. In addition, the cinematography is of excellent quality as it is reflected on screen. The visual effects are not seen in every single scene of the film however, but at least they are present in significant quantities and they enhance the overall movie experience of the viewer.

As is typical of most recent science fiction films, the story was filmed entirely on location in places such as London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin. The movie was shot over three years and it is important to note that the actors did their own stunts and provided their own body doubles as there were numerous locations where stuntmen were needed and the production crew could not afford to employ them. In fact, the studio was forced to look for extras to fill out the roles of extras in the film.

Contagion's plot was inspired by a real-life incident when apparently harmless virus-like bacteria was released onto the world's surface during the summer of 2020. This threat was subsequently stopped with the timely cooperation of the World Health Organization, which in turn was aided by NASA.

Original title Contagion
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