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Inception (2010)


Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 min.


It seems only appropriate that the most famous story of all time, the Inception movie, has been made into a movie. It is said to be based on the tale of Leonardo Da Vinci, a real-life genius who created dozens of masterpieces. All of which are credited to him, including what we call "The Mona Lisa." His real name was Leonardo de Vinci.

There is plenty to make this movie worthy of the best of the Inception movies. Director Christopher Nolan is well known for the gritty realism that he is known for. The use of many other real-life inspirations have been included in this movie which makes it more interesting.

Based in Europe, Leonardo's works are very popular in that part of the world and there are many buildings inspired by Leonardo, including some that were constructed in Europe. Some of these buildings include the Louvre Museum and the Art Deco style structure. This type of building would not be possible if not for the art Deco style. This is an international style that is prevalent in Europe. One of the most iconic pieces of art Deco architecture is the Eiffel Tower.

The theme of the film had to have something to do with Inception, which is another name for the 2020 movie based on the film The Dark Knight Rises. This movie was released in just the previous year and has become the highest grossing movie of all time. As such, it was the perfect time to make this movie.

Christopher Nolan also was well-versed in researching the Inception as he was born and raised in England. He also had knowledge of Inception due to the in depth research that the film did. Christopher Nolan has been working in the field of movies for quite some time and also has directed several of them. That being said, he also knew aboutInception from his previous work, which is why he decided to work on this movie.

The actors for this movie were excellent. Among these actors were Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, Jared Leto, Cillian Murphy, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Tom Hanks, Alexander Skarsgard, Sharlto Copley, Christoph Waltz, Margot Robbie, Anne Hathaway, Asa Butterfield, Kit Harington, Liam Neeson, Idris Elba, Jack Huston, Michael Caine, Evangeline Lilly, Mark Strong, Ralph Fiennes, Billy Crudup, Kevin Spacey, and The Great Gatsby. The last name is the actor that played the ghost in the movie. Other actors that have been featured in the movie are Dane DeHaan, and John Goodman. One of these actors' real life stories that are shared in the movie is that of his stage show.

It was a great way to combine two great movies together. The theme of the movie was The Wizard of Oz, the love story of the main characters in the movie was The Graduate. The movie also incorporated themes of The Scarlet Letter, that was a film that was similar to the movie of the same name. The Inception movie also borrowed from other successful movies that were released in 2020.

The Inception franchise is now available for sale as a hardcover book. The trilogy has been adapted into four feature films and will continue to be adapted as many other sequels and spin-offs will be released. This movie series has already made its mark and will continue to go down in history as one of the best fictional stories ever told.

Original title Inception
TMDb Rating 8.3 25039 votes

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