The Dark Knight
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The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight

Why So Serious? 2008/7/16 152 min.


The Dark Knight is a recent release that has captured the imagination of the film and TV industry. It's not only a hit in the United States but also abroad. With The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers became the first studio to achieve $500 million in worldwide box office.

Movie reviews for the movie are mixed, mainly because of its long running storyline, meaning that viewers won't find out what is happening on screen for a while. The movie is also quite dark, with The Dark Knight having one of the most intense and complex character relationships of all the Batman movies.

No matter what critics think of the movie, fans still flock to the theater to see it. These are the two reasons why the movie ranks as one of the most popular movies of all time. Even after three decades since its release, people still see the movie to remember the great fights and the beautiful explosions. In fact, they even expect it to get better, as it continues to become a cult classic.

The Dark Knight is rated PG-13 (though it's rated R in other countries), which makes it suitable for teenagers and adults who wish to watch a comedy. The people who do not like violence will be able to enjoy the movie, because it does not have a lot of blood and gore. But the movie should not be confused with mindless action movies, with their ludicrous stunts and excessive violence. The Dark Knight is, in fact, a classic coming-of-age story about Batman and his lifelong struggle against evil.

The Dark Knight is the story of how Batman fights crime to keep Gotham City safe, especially when he receives a call from a corrupt businessman, who forces him to rob his own store to prove that the guy he wants to get rid of is dangerous. When Bruce Wayne becomes a billionaire, he leaves his job and becomes the Batman, a vigilante who fights criminals in an effort to make the world a better place.A major plot point in The Dark Knight is the introduction of Bane, a guy who would turn the city against Batman. He becomes the biggest threat to the Dark Knight ever since he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon's daughter and gets her to kill the Batmobile's driver, Gotham's famous, and often ridiculed, Commissioner Gordon.

So when you see the series finale of The Dark Knight, you will realize that Bane is indeed the biggest threat. He was one of the villains featured in Batman Begins, but was left out of the movie because director Christopher Nolan didn't feel he could carry the role on his shoulders.

The Dark Knight is indeed a crowd-pleasing superhero movie, especially when you consider the long-running storyline, which always had people on edge. Fans still wait for the next installment of the Batman franchise, while many have dubbed it as one of the best movies ever made.

Original title The Dark Knight
TMDb Rating 8.4 21468 votes

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