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Cars (2006)


Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


Many consider Cars it as the most "lazy" movie of the Pixar company. However, it was one of the few to have a second part. How is this possible? To answer the question we travel to Radiator Springs right now to meet its neighbors and Lightning McQueen, watch now the movie to understand who we're talking about.

In the words of John Lasseter himself, this movie is the most personal of all he's done. Lasseter comments on this because he was inspired both on the history of Route 66 (United States) and on his own childhood, when he traveled with his family by car across the country, not to mention his love for cars. The end result is a film that has become the favorite of many children around the world.

The film begins very well (with a spectacular sequence of Nascar races) but then, when Lightning arrives at Radiator Springs (by accident), it stagnates over a fairly long period where the idea is to develop the characters and their relationships between them; It is especially interesting to see the clash of personalities and mentalities between McQueen and the quiet neighbors of the forgotten town of Radiator. The main idea behind the script, written by Lasseter himself and his team, is that the most important thing in life is not to reach your goal but to make stops in life, meet others and enjoy what the world offers. An approach that, for the type of competitive film that is ‘Cars’, can sin to extend too much in its almost two hours.

Many things highlight Pixar about direct (and indirect) competencies, including: increasingly spectacular animation, good stories, endearing characters and scripts that appeal to all types of audiences. On this occasion, ‘Cars’ stands out in its characters and in its very successful animation. An animation with a great contrast between the show and the color of the racing world, and the dusty town of Radiator Springs with an undeniable touch of western on its stages.

Among the characters include the following: Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), the protagonist of the story, a rookie runner very paid for himself and who aspires to win the Piston Cup. During his stay at Radiator Springs he will be forced to mature and will realize that in life there are more important things than being number one on the circuit asphalt. Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) is the veteran judge and doctor of Radiator, also hides a past that his neighbors do not know and will come to light during Rayo's stay. Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt), a former lawyer who left the big city and fell in love with the town, opening an apartment business. Mate (Larry the Cable Guy) is the dilapidated local crane that stands out for its tremendous innocence that borders on infantilism. Other prominent inhabitants are the old Sheriff (Michael Wallis), and Guido and Luigi (Guido Quaroni and Tony Shalhoub) who are two Italian owners of a spare parts store. Watch now Cars and discover these lovely characters.

Outside of what Radiator Springs is, one could quote Mack (John Ratzenberger, the trailer in charge of transporting McQueen and almost his only friend), Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton, the most unfriendly and selfish rival of the Piston Cup) and Cal Weathers the veteran champion of the circuit.

Criticism generally agrees on the same. ‘Cars’ becomes “heavy” and lacks that special touch of Pixar. However, it had a second part. What was this due to? Simple, it was an incredible “merchandising” success for Disney / Pixar. It was estimated that Mattel's cars related to the film came to sell about 600 million dollars in just two weeks after the movie was released. Later, Disney itself confirmed that by November of that year the merchandising profits reached even more colossal figures... In addition to its collection in cinemas that went to $ 462,216,280 worldwide.

Original title Cars
TMDb Rating 6.7 8821 votes

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