Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

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Atlantis is waiting... 2001/6/2 95 min.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an animated blockbuster movie that is based on the popular action series of the same name. The movie has gained a lot of popularity due to its fascinating plot and exciting storyline that will appeal to a large number of movie fans.

This series is quite popular among kids, teens and even adults because of its colorful characters, action-packed story and intriguing twists. When it comes to animated films, this film is definitely an outstanding one. It will not only entertain but will also leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

The movie starts with its protagonist Ralph and his best friend, Tawanda who are scuba diving on the tropical island of Atlantis. After they spot a red-eyed octopus that looks like a sea monster, the two boys put off the planned dive in search of their lost comrades. As soon as they reach the island, they are attacked by a giant eel. This villainess manages to steal their boat and escape with the captain.

Ralph is then approached by a video game developer, Holly, who explains that she is searching for the captain because she needs his assistance in a research project. Holly convinces Ralph to join her in order to find the missing captain. However, Ralph, who is not fond of adventure, feels reluctant to accept this offer. It is only when Holly brings up her idea of going to the submerged city of Atlantis, a place known as 'Midnight City', will he finally agree to join her in the quest.

As it turns out, this is a great adventure that the boys are about to embark on. Soon, they realize that their unlikely encounter with the octopus was not just a random encounter. In fact, it is in fact a prophecy that they need to fulfill. They must find the captain and get him back safely.

This movie is enhanced by its excellent graphics and impressive effects. What's more, the narration by the cast members is also quite amusing. The director and writer of the movie, Seth, who is a comic book fan, really gives his all into making this movie so lively.

The serie has several sequels that were made in the following series. There is also a TV serie, which was also included in the Atlantis franchise. However, the main series is the most famous one.

This is one of the best serie that has ever been released. The storyline of the movie is so enticing that it has made it to the top of the charts of the best sellers list. Even if the audience might not have had much of interest to start with, but once they start watching the movie, they will find themselves engrossed in the story line, creating an intense urge to watch the sequel.

Original title Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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