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GoodFellas (1990)


Three Decades of Life in the Mafia. 1990/9/12 145 min.


The aftermath of the World Trade Center attack and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman's character has created a major buzz about the film GoodFellas, a biography of the life of the famous mafia boss, Nicky Santoro. Although some may be disappointed by the low ratings of the movie on IMDB, others would say that the downside to GoodFellas is the movie's lack of originality. As the main protagonist in the movie, Hoffman's performance in GoodFellas is more like a caricature than what he would have been otherwise.

In any case, GoodFellas has been considered to be an outlier among mafia movie. Instead of following the conventional pattern, it instead shows the life of the characters through the prism of its fictional story. Instead of following the usual myth that mobsters rise to power by joining the Cosa Nostra, it takes a new approach in telling the story of how Nicky Santoro became the Boss of the Gambino crime family. It presents a very different picture from the usual mafia movie and is definitely different than other mob movies.

Moviemakers of GoodFellas have made sure that the audience is kept as far away from the usual mobster in the form of a gangster. Unlike most of the others, Nicky Santoro would not fall victim to bribery and threats, making his life more interesting. Although this is an entertaining story, it does not rely on the usual familiar plot lines and events to keep viewers engaged.

Not only do the filmmakers not follow the traditional plot lines, they also have omitted any serious message that could have been presented if the story had followed the typical path. Although the movie features a small amount of violence and other activities that are often associated with a mafia movie, they have made sure that they follow what is really happening in this story. Since the story is told through Nicky Santoro's perspective, there is no need for the audience to be shocked or saddened by the events.

The focus of the story would be more focused on Nicky's life and the interactions between him and his son rather than what actually happened in the past. As a result, the story moves at a pace that is slower than that of the typical mafia movie. The action scenes are more realistic and because of this, the story becomes more engaging and more compelling to watch.

With the interesting portrayal of the everyday life of a mafia boss, the movie would be a refreshing break from the usual action movie. Although there is no shortage of action, most of the scenes are non-existent and do not cause the audience to be immersed into the story. This may cause the viewer to lose interest in the movie, especially those who might be expecting to watch someone getting tortured or killed.

GoodFellas has not been able to recreate the magic of the Godfather or any other popular movies, but it does a decent job in creating a unique and interesting storyline. The movie focuses on what is happening in the main character's life without involving the rest of the cast members and how Nicky's life would change during this time. This makes the movie more believable and gives the viewer's more opportunity to identify with the characters rather than being stuck watching the normal mobster.

The movie's genre was not too successful, but it did manage to achieve its goal of providing a realistic portrayal of the mafia life. Although it does not contain too much violence and other gruesome scenes, it does provide a very compelling portrayal of a powerful yet human character. Overall, GoodFellas has created a great story and it is worth a watch.

Original title GoodFellas
TMDb Rating 8.4 6849 votes

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