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Star Wars (1977)

Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 1977/5/25 121 min.


The classic yellow signs put us a bit in a situation. A situation of absolute tyranny throughout the galaxy, which is opposed by a group of rebels. From the beginning, the rebels are the good ones and the imperial ones are the bad ones. We are in the most basic field of adventure leaflet, without the least complex or the slightest turn of the leaf. The yellow letters are lost in space, there is a classic panorama until you find a planet in the first place, and we are witnessing the first of many galactic battles. A ship tries to get away from another much larger than her, who ends up phagocyting it, so to speak, in Star Wars.

But first we know the first characters of Star Wars, which are two droids (the famous C3po and R2d2), the first to speak. The tall and golden is a whiner and a crybaby, while his short companion speaks an incomprehensible binary language, which is nonetheless explicit in his emotions. As soon as the imperial soldiers enter the small ship, a bell battle of lasers is unleashed. The rebels have to lose, and from the smoke of the shots emerges a huge and dark figure, with a strange helmet and long cape. It is impossible to imagine how the reception of these images should have been in the public, that distant summer of 1977.

The first and most important that these initial images give off are their simplicity and shamelessness, their absolute dedication to the most primary adventure. In this way, the old archetypes (the evil oppressor, the brave princess, the comedic secondary) work with unusual classical purity. There is, for the moment, psychological depth. The interior designs of the technological structures are superb, although some seventies air is perceived in the characterizations and in some light resources. And it is impossible to abstract from the initial influence of ’2001, an odyssey of space’ on some planes.

Carrie Fisher nails Leia Organa in every verbal confrontation with Vader, although Lucas's limited direction of actors (which will not improve with the years) limits his interpretative capacity a bit. Lucas is much better at assembly and planning, which are excellent. And as a writer he is in no hurry to tell us events: the droids arrive at Tatooine and, after a long discussion, they separate. The curtains of various formats begin to make an appearance to move from one sequence to another. Be that as it may, both droids end up in the hands of the Jawas, who are dedicated to selling them to third parties. Destiny, or providence, or force, determines that they end up in the hands of the Skywalker family.

The truth is that all this initial block of Star Wars is quite slow, but watch online the film and you'll see it's worth it. We observe in detail the fellow travel droids of C3po and R2d2, and we even begin to fear for their destiny. We know, yes, finally, the Skywalkers, and the beautiful theme song we hear when Beru calls his nephew ("Luke?") Already points to him as the atypical protagonist of the story. Luke is a seemingly orphaned and dreamy boy, bored of life on the farm with his uncles, who expects more from existence than rotting in the middle of the desert. The habitually disgraced Mark Hamill nails this melancholic teenager, in what was his debut for the cinema. We can perceive with total clarity his loneliness and his youthful frustration.

With his almost totally white attire, and his appearance of not having broken a plate in his life, Luke is the perfect "nobody" who has to show what is special inside, because in reality it is a "diamond in the rough " It is also very beautiful, in what way Lucas joins Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi, with the dialogue he has with his uncle Owen Lars, in which they talk about the mysterious hermit who lives in Tatooine. In addition, Luke's father is named for the first time, in a tremendously skillful and mysterious way, although perhaps for the umpteenth time his uncle Luke spared any information about both.

And what image is more expressive of the need to realize one's destiny, than that famous moment in which Luke, tired of his life, observes Tatooine's twin suns? When looking at both suns, Luke certainly tries to figure out what he has to do to change his life, which is the key to the three initial films, watch now Star Wars to get immersed in this world.

Next, we finally know the Death Star, in which a servant of the emperor, the Grand Moff Tarkin, plays with great talent by the unforgettable interpreter Peter Cushing, also British and of the same generation as Alec Guinnes. At his side, Darth Vader is little more than a brutal lackey, although he seems to enjoy enough rank to suffocate the subordinates. The dialogue about the power of that space station affects the semi-medieval, cult and literary tone, so classic in the ears of the spectators. But we go back to Luke, who discovers that the imperial soldiers, looking for the droids, have razed the Jawas and the Lars cabin itself. And the tribute to ‘Desert Centaurs’ is evident, and with it the first act of the film ends and the second one begins.

Original title Star Wars
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