The Godfather: Part II
The Godfather: Part II (1974)

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I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies. 1974/12/20 202 min.


In this follow-up to the acclaimed The Godfather: Part I, we see Vito Corleone, his wife Livia, and their three sons plotting for their ill-gotten gains. In order to keep their workable scheme in play, Vito's eldest son Michael must find a way to protect his little sister Celia. Also, Sonny is seen attempting to reclaim his murdered brother for his family.

As always, the film keeps the violence and blood flowing well throughout its one hundred and thirty minutes of running time. It's so seamless and smooth that it even has its own non-dubbed version. "Italian Language Dubbing" in case you don't know.

Some of the dialogue is quite cheesy, which means I have to mention that The Godfather: Part II falls into the same category of campy comedy movies that are being produced every year. You have lines such as, "My mother always said that a man gets what he pays for." to name just a few. It isn't anything overly over the top like in the first movie, but it will get a chuckle from everyone.

Even though the dialogue might be cheesy, the director, Francis Ford Coppola, still gets some great screen time to act out his role as Vito in The Godfather: Part II. It's great to see him reprise his role. Other parts that he gets some good moments include Sonny, Michael, Carmine and Marcello.

It's a shame that the actor portraying the sole henchman of Vito's first attempt at a heist, Sonny, was cut from The Godfather: Part II. He was so much fun to watch when he was in the original Godfather: Part I. Anakin Skywalker's death in The Phantom Menace left many feeling robbed, as was the death of Sonny in The Godfather: Part II. The screen time allotted to him was wasted.

There are also a few scenes missing from The Godfather: Part II, that could have been incorporated into the plot. I am not talking about those scenes where Vito meets Michael Corleone in a diner and they make some sort of bet, or that scene where Vito's sons become fed up with the whole family. No, what I am referring to is a couple of dialogues that were cut out of the theatrical release that were supposed to be major plot points.

The most well-known of these scenes in The Godfather: Part II is the scene where Sonny kills Sonny's brother for committing his last robbery and stealing the money that was meant for his sister, Celia. These two scenes have not been fully restored to the Blu-Ray version, and it pains me to say that because I really enjoyed them.

If you're a fan of the first film, The Godfather: Part II is definitely something to watch. Not only is it a perfect follow-up to the beloved The Godfather, but it has a number of its own entertaining twists and turns.

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