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A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! 1960/6/22 109 min.


A psycho, (also known as a madman or an insanity) is an individual who is believed to have many different personality disorders. A character in a film or a series of films that has one or more of these different types of characters. A movie based on this type of person has one or more of the following characteristics:

The character is either an evil person or a bad character. The character has various side effects on the characters surrounding him/her. The most common symptoms of someone who is crazy are paranoia, fear, and anxiety. These are the basic characteristics of a psycho and that the term was coined by Dr. George Lark, of the Philadelphia asylum at the turn of the 20th century.

The movie Psycho has a long tradition of use. For example, if a movie is about a murder, the characters will be a psycho. If it is a case of a big bad guy, he will usually be a psycho.

The word 'psycho' originally meant "scabrous skin"scabrous skin disease". It also means "unsettling gossip" and was a kind of name for a severe disease.

The use of the word "psycho" in a good or great movie or series of movies indicates that the movie is about the person that the word describes. On the other hand, a movie that uses the word "psycho" but doesn't fit the description as listed above suggests that the person is not that important to the story line or theme.

One reason why "psycho" is used in this way is because a madman is someone who is wild, irresponsible, and may have a difficult time with their own sanity. In order to be a true psycho, a person must be known as a "bad boy" or a "bad girl".

While some people still argue whether this is the actual classification or not, a psycho is someone who is crazy. He or she has no empathy or sympathy for anyone else, doesn't care about anyone's feelings, and is completely unpredictable. A typical behaviour of a psycho is to be mentally unstable and destructive to those around them. This is what makes them mad and gives them the classification as such.

In order to really make a movie about a psycho, the director should try to make the character they want to play the actual madman. Not all of them will agree to be portrayed as such, but if the director wants to change the villain or not be at all related to that type of person, the actor should agree and just try to do their best. And if the audience likes it, then that is the best representation of what the character is about.

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